A Cool Dry Garden

courtyard with stucco or brick walls dry climate garden succulents cactus
stone embellishments pottery
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Hammock stone garden dry climate garden out door table and chairs drought tolerant
Credit & Source

A hanging hammock in the dry garden with stone and succulent surrounding.

Brick garden flooring dry climate garden  natural grasses and indigenous tree's
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Life gets really easy when your garden is brick and stone with dry climate plants to enhance the whole area.

pink bench cement seat and black modern chairs
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So simple black modern chairs, brick outdoor flooring and modern cement seating.

Hanging basket outdoor lamp gravel grounds terra-cotta  pots stone garden
Credit & Source

A hint of originalism with this large hanging basket lamp and large terra-cotta pots bring charm to a minimalist dry climate garden.

rock sitting area outdoor cushions and a block table
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Ok, so all we need are some sitting rocks some cushions and a block table to enjoy the outdoor space.

dry creek for the dry garden rocks
Credit & Source

Rocks form the way for the dry creek creating the memory of a good rain.

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