Structure in the Native Garden

California natives Sticky Monkey, Buckwheat, Salvia, Poppies, and Coyote Mint, among others, surround the bird bath to create a wildlife habitat, butterfly and bee garden, and this peaceful view from a glider love-seat.

Native gardens have a wild feel to them. Not only because they support the local wildlife but the colors and shapes are often less structured. This birdbath gives both a focal point and structure to this native garden.


These bright pink Clarkia massed below native coast live oaks create a riot of color in the spring.


Although most of these drought tolerant bloomers are not California natives they are a good example of repetition and variation that although still loose and wild gives this border a sense of design and structure.


The stone terraced walls and central fountain give structure to an otherwise unruly masses of plants.

rustic outdoor sone bench

Here a mixed stone and rough wood bench establishes the entrance to this hillside home.

hillside native topanga garden

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