Topanga Area Guide

Each individual house has its own particular setting and orientation that is truly unique. And each area of Topanga Canyon also has its own unique aspects. There are a few general areas but within each one are sub areas, (for example, there’s Old Canyon, but within Old Canyon is Skyline, and Skyline has sub areas such as East Skyline, Portage Circle, etc. Most sub areas are really just the name of streets.) I’m just going to go over the main areas here for an overview and get you oriented to the Canyon.

Fernwood- Fernwood basically along Fernwood Pacific and it’s off streets. It is the most southernly area and closest to the PCH side of Topanga Canyon. Also known as “Climate Perfect Fernwood” it has it’s own micro climate that is cooler in the summer and generally warmer in the winter. (One summer I measured a 10 degree difference in temperature between Mid Canyon and Fernwood.) Fernwood is north facing and often has views of Topanga State Park. It gets more of the ocean mist and so tends to be greener all year long. Fernwood leads to Tuna Canyon and Saddle Peak Rd. so has other access to get in or out of the Canyon. 
Tuna- Tuna Canyon is the upper part and ocean side of Fernwood so most some have ocean views. And there’s a really nice hiking trail at the top with the best view of LosAngeles I have every seen. 

SaddlePeak- If you continue up Fernwood to Tuna and then make a right at the top you will be on Saddle Peak which has some beautiful ocean views since it sits along the ridge line. Since it IS along a ridge it can get a little windy at times.

Town Center- The Town Center is where Old Topanga and Topanga Canyon meet. It’s where most shops and restaurants are and where the post office is. So it’s easy to get to, no windy little roads, but the sound of traffic can be more apparent. 

Old Canyon- Old Canyon is along Old Topanga Canyon Rd. It starts at the town center and goes all the way to Mulholland Dr. The creek runs close to the road in many areas and some properties need bridges to get over it. The closer you are to the creek the colder it gets in the winter. Homes along Skyline usually have great sunset views.

PO Tract- The PO Tract is up Entrada and includes the main entrance to Topanga State Park. It is considered “desirable”, due to being close to the Park and for its fairly wide road. It’s a pretty large area and homes toward the end of it may have ocean views.
Mid Canyon- Mid Canyon is a loose term for between Entrada and Cheney Rd. Each street that goes off of Topanga in this area is a sub area of mid-canyon. 

Greenleaf- Greenleaf is on the west side of TCB and is a very pretty green with some really nice old oaks.

The Mesa- The Mesa is up the west side of Hillside and turns in to Will Geer Rd. It is a flat area on top of a ridge with expansive skyline view. There are many large horse properties in this area. But few trees.

Sylvia Park- Take Cheney off of Topanga Canyon Blvd just past the community house and you’ll find some flat and straight streets. Kids could even ride their bikes here. There are both large and small properties in this area. It’s outside of coastal so if your into remodeling or adding on, then building is a bit easier here. It’s about half way through the canyon so your equal distance between the beach and the valley. It can be a bit warmer here in the summer.

Henry Ridge- Henry Ridge has some great views. It runs along the western side of Topanga Canyon Blvd but to get there, you need to go toward the valley side of Topanga and go up up up Entrado. (Not be confused with Entrada). It’s a great location if you have a helicopter and are in need of privacy.

Viewridge- Is close to the Valley and so has easy access to all things shopping in Woodland Hills and Canoga Park. It does tend to be get hot in the summer, though. If your into 70s style and prefer a less rustic area (sidewalks and street lights) Viewridge is a developed community so the homes were all built around the same time and have a similar feel to them. (1970s LA style)

Top O Topanga (TOT)- This area is also very close to the Valley. Top of Topanga is a mobil home park but most of them have been replaced with manufactured homes that are pretty nice and some have beautiful views of the Valley lights at night.

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